Thursday, January 5, 2012


Instead of the typical New Year's resolutions, I decided to start a new tradition:

Each year I'm going to decide on certain goals that revitalize my way of life. For example, this year I have 12 things that I would like to do in 2012. Get it? Honestly, it wasn't hard to think of 12 things. In fact, I had to decide what I really wanted to accomplish by year's end and shorten my personal list. Certain things on my list can be done very easily. Some will take some working on. But that's what I wanted, a lifestyle change for the better. Something that will last forever. So, without further adieu...

12 things I will do in 2012:

1. Smile more. Seems simple, right? Well, I've noticed pictures of myself where I'm off in a blank stare and I just look plain mad. Or I'll be walking through the grocery store and a cashier will say, "Smile, Honey!" There's no reason for it; It's my nobody-is-talking-to-me-and-I'm-not-paying-attention-stare. I need to fix that. Pronto.

*On my bachelorette cruise. August 2011.

2. Go back to church regularly. I fell off the wagon, y'all. There's no excuse for it. I was going every Saturday evening or Sunday morning. It took a while to find a church here in Atlanta that I liked, but I found one and I was going. Then I stopped. Why? Oh, who knows. We probably went to Jacksonville three weekends in a row and then when we were back in Atlanta, I wanted to sleep in. Seriously, who knows. But I miss it.

3. Read more. I have about 3 different books that I'm in the middle of right now. How does that happen? I start a book and then someone else is all, "you-need-to-read-this-book-immediately-it-will-change-your-life" and then I go buy it and start reading it immediately. Then it happens all over again. Vicious cycle. I love reading in bed at night, so I need to get back into that. Right now we don't have any bed-side tables with lamps, so we become lazy. "Who is going to turn the light off?" Maybe I'll go to target today and look for some lamps.

4. Get back to kickboxing. I actually already started this one, but it's not consistent enough yet, so it's number 4. I was SO scared to go back after breaking my toe. lol. Not because I was afraid to break another toe (it barely even hurt!), but because that class kicks my ass! Am I allowed to say ass on here? Well, I just said it twice, so I hope so. Any way, it's hard work. Running, squats, push ups, army crawl things (that's the technical term) and all sorts of things I couldn't even put a name to. Not to mention the actual kickboxing. I love it oh, so much. I leave there dripping sweat. (Too much information?) And I leave with a smile on my face because I know I burned at least 700 calories. So WHY is it so hard to go regularly? Damn toe incident. You've scarred me.

*Image from

5. To not gain weight during the holidays. You see, typically people make resolutions to lose weight in the new year. But I got married two months ago and because of the wedding, I joined Weight Watchers over a year ago. I lost 29 lbs (wohoo) and was pretty happy with my weight. I would've like to lose about 15-20 more pounds, but I had reached my wedding goal weight, so I was happy. Then the wedding came and went, and the holidays came and went, and now it is January and I have gain 8lbs from the holiday madness. I am still doing Weight Watchers -- to lose those 8lbs I gained, plus to try and lose my last 15 or so. BUT, my goal this year isn't to lose weight, because I want this to be a forever thing. I want to not GAIN weight over the year. There's candy on Valentine's Day and Easter, cupcakes and hamburgers and hot dogs on 4th of July, candy on Halloween and all sorts of foods on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm not saying I can't eat any of the goodies. In fact, that's the beauty of WW - I CAN eat that stuff. But in moderation. Moderation, Lauren. Look up the definition and learn it. Memorize it. Don't forget it.

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6. Run a 5k. I've done my fair share of 5k's. Mostly supporting a certain cause. And mostly walking all of them. I want to RUN one. From start to finish. I know I can do it. But why haven't I? I did the couch to 5k running plan before the wedding and was up to about 2 miles. But then I stopped. That's my problem. I start something, do really well, then stop. Maybe that should be a goal. To finish everything I start? I think that was my resolution last year. Go figure. Either way, I want to run a 5k. And I will. Heck, you will, too! ;)

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7. Learn to say no. I have a really hard time with this one. A really, really hard time. I'm a people pleaser. In my job. In my friendships. In life in general. I HATE disappointing people. Even if I do say no, I end up changing my mind. And it's not always a bad thing, but when it effects me, it is a bad thing. I need to make sure I'm putting myself and my family first. This kind of goes with the whole moderation thing. I can say yes, but in moderation. Oy. I think this is going to be the hardest goal of 2012. Help me with this one, ok? I need it.

8. Walk/play with our pup, Millie, more. I know what you're thinking. This isn't about you, Lauren. But honestly, it is. If I'm walking Millie, I'm getting more exercise. And if I'm playing with her more, it means I'm watching less tv and using less computer. It'll make me happier. I love my fur-baby. More than most people love their pets probably. I feel bad when I leave for work and I see her sad face looking back at me. My heart feels happy when I see her running full-force at me because she's happy to see me. I need to return that love to her. She deserves it. I deserve it.

*Millie, Adam and I during our engagement pictures. November 2010.

9. Don't let stress get to me as much as I do. Poor Adam. He gets the worst of it. Obviously because he sees me most. But that's not fair to him. And it's not fair to me. I let the littlest things bother me and I need to learn to let. it. go. I think kickboxing will help with this. Exercise = natural stress reliever.

10. Spend more time with family. We already spend a lot of time with family, but it's mainly because of holidays or birthdays. I want to travel home to just spend quality time with them. Last year we went home a lot because of the wedding, which was nice, but everything we did revolved around our big day. Not that I'm complaining... because I loved every minute of it! But I'd like to just relax with our parents. Play games with my nephews. Hang out with everyone just because. And since Atlanta seems to be our forever home. I'm hoping I can get said people to come visit us up here. Mom, dad... you reading this? Traci, Tom? Bob, Doll? Anyone? :)

11. Vacation more. This past year was difficult for us to go many places because of the wedding. Saving for a wedding = not a lot of money to do other fun things. But this year, I'm hoping we can squeeze in a few good vacations. I don't mean a week's vacation here and a week's vacation there. Our schedules won't allow for that. But a few long weekends, even short weekends nearby will be nice and long overdue. My goal is really to travel with Adam to places we've always wanted to go, but have never had time. Especially because we live within driving distance to quite a few. There are really no excuses.

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12. To not impulse buy. I've decided that I'm giving us a new rule. Anything over $50 cannot be purchased unless we've wanted/needed it for more than 30 days. Those boots I want? They probably aren't necessary. But if I'm still thinking about them next month... We'll talk about it. Anything over $100, needs at least 60 days before we buy it. I really want a new camera. Like, think about it all. the. time. But we don't need it. I was doing a little online shopping after Christmas and I had it in my shopping cart for days. Actually, it's still there. And every time I see it, I get out my wallet because I just want to order it so badly! But why? We don't need it right now. Pictures are priceless, and I know that, but I feel like a spiffier (yes, that's a word) camera is just not something we need right now. With all that said, it's going to be like that for everything we see that's a little pricey. 2012 = saving money for better reasons. Like maybe buying a house? Hey, I didn't say it'd be in 2012, I just said saving for it!
So there you have it. My life listed in 12 items. What are your goals? Are they the same as last year? If so, what's holding you back?

If I can do it... You can, too!

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